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Custom  Crating & Packaging

  • Wooden crates or boxes designed and built to the specifications of your product and price range.
  • Crating and Packaging helps with the goal of getting your precious product to its destination safely.
  • Heat treated certified lumber IPPC Stamped on all your crates and boxes so you can get your product shipped anywhere in the world.

Break Bulk Crates

Break Bulk Crates are solid wood crates that are used for oversized cargo that is Out of Gauge (OOG) – cargo that is too large to fit in a standard ocean container. The crate consists of a custom heavy-duty base, walls and top. With some special inner packaging (mylar or intercept), these crates are designed to ensure your cargo can handle the harsh conditions of ocean shipment.

Reusable  Crates

Reusable crates are custom solid wood crates built to our customer’s specific needs. Features of this crate can include butterfly closing, latched, ramp and hinged doors, inner compartments, floating bases, or plexiglass windows. Reusable crates are often used for equipment that ships back and forth on a regular basis for tradeshows and other purposes.

Heavy Duty  Pallets

Heavy Duty Pallets are built to meet the customer’s standards consisting of 4×4 to 8×8 runners, solid deck and carriage bolted headers and metal banding. Heavy Duty Pallets are often used when the industrial product does not necessarily need full crating but needs a solid base to help with handling and bracing during the transportation process.

Standard Duty  Pallets

Standard Duty Pallets are built to meet the customer’s standards consisting of 2×4 runners, a solid or gap deck, installation of blocks and fasteners, and with two-way or four-way entry. The design of the pallet depends on the customer’s needs.


Solid Wood  Crates

Solid wood crates for domestic or export shipping are fully enclosed and custom built for your product. The base of the crate or skid is used to support the load and assist with handling. Our solid wood crates have at least 2 sources of securement and barriers to protect your product from the dangers of harsh handling during transit.

Slat or Skeleton Crates

Slat or Skeleton Crates strictly use the base or skid to support the load and assist with handling. They offer a more cost-effective solution than shipping product bare or just palletized. Slat Crates are lighter than Solid Wood Crates and can lower the overall cost of shipping.


Knocked Down Crates

Knocked Down Crates are reusable solid wood crates that can be unassembled. They consist of a solid base or skid, four sides and top. But they can be laid flat and banded together when not in use, allowing for reduced storage space in the customer’s warehouse. They can be easily re-assembled and product secured inside when the customer is ready for re-use.

On-Site  Packaging

On-Site Packaging is usually recommended for fragile products or when it is a requirement of the Letter of Credit between the seller and overseas buyer. After visiting the customer’s location and viewing the product, Beaver can pre-build much of the materials required. Beaver can also recommend whether a product should be packaged on-site or brought to their facility. Beaver has relationships with partner rigging companies that can move products from difficult locations such as rooms below or above the ground floor.

Container Loading  and Unloading

Beaver will properly load products into any ocean container including open top containers when necessary. This includes strapping, blocking and bracing and other custom loading measures to ensure safe transport. Before securing cargo into a container, Beaver will review the regulations associated with modes of transport (ocean, truck, rail) to ensure proper loading. Beaver personnel routinely educate our customers on specifications related to different modes of transport, inner packaging requirements and special permits if required.

Restricted Articles

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Inner Packaging

The right internal packaging system is just as important as good external packaging materials. Internal packaging will secure your product during transport, lessen outer impacts, and will provide space between the contents of your shipment and the external packaging solution.

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