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Beaver Packaging & Crating can design and manufactures custom crates to our customer's particular specifications and provides the additional services to help our customers with their needs throughout the entire job process from start to finish.

Large or small, simple or complex, reusable or one time usage, your facility or ours, pick-up or delivery we provide our customers with the level of service needed to help them succeed.



Crates & Boxes

Wooden crates or boxes, designed and build to the specifications of your product and price range.

Heat treated and IPPC certified lumber on all crates and boxes so you can get your product anywhere in the world.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are required to be packaged and have proper documentation by the International Air Transportation (ICAO) for product going air, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for product going ocean and Department Of Transportation (DOT)for transported in the U.S. (AIR, WATER, RAIL, and over ROAD.

Our employees dedicate numerous hours to training to stay certified and current with constantly changing regulations.  We are also trained and certified to prepare your dangerous goods declaration for air or ocean.

On Site Packaging

On-site packaging can be done at your facility or wherever your product is. For long term projects or a few hours we can come to you with all the equipment and material needed to complete your job at your convenience. (please call for area range).

Pick-up & Delivery Services

Time is valuable, if you do not have the time or equipment to get your product to us we would be glad to assist you in the process, as well as delivery back to your facility, the airport, port, or whatever local destination that meet your needs. If you need to get your product to another state or country we can assist you with quality referrals.

Container Unloading & Loading

Loading your crated product or exposed product into an ocean container, blocking and bracing with IPPC certified dunnage for international export and properly securing your product for varying conditions. Unloading into our facility for you to pick up, have a carrier pick up or us to deliver to you and we can also store it.

IPPC / ISMP15 Certified Wood

We meet or exceed all international standards for wood packaging and each crate is stamped with the IPPC/ISPM as verification of our compliance.

Storage Services

24-hour surveillance will keep your products secure in each of our locations, with a combined capacity of over 100,000 square foot.

And Much More:

Vacuum Packaging also referred to as Mylar Packaging
Foam Injection Molded Cushioning
Mylar Packaging
Cushioning Systems
Open Slat Crates
Heavy Duty Skids
Reusable Crates
Shrink Wrap & Band
Corrugated Boxes
Sensitivity Indicators

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